Yve and Beatrix Release Date, Gameplay, Free Emote Event and More

There many upcoming events in Mobile Legends. In the test server I got two new upcoming events. From the first event you can get free Emote, Premium Fragments, Hero Trial Cards, Magic Dust, Double BP Cards, Emote Trial Cards and Epic Skin Trial Cards.
From the second event whivh is Happy Group Buy event you can buy skin in discount of 45%, 40% and 30%. In the event you need to create a team then invite friends to get discounts on skin or you can join others team. Get 45% discount on buying skin with friends, get 40% discount on buying skin with other players team, get 30% discount on buying skin without joinig any team that means direct buy from the event. I think two of these events are amazing and very useful to Mobile Legends players. Because we can get free permanent emote, hero trial card, epic skin trial card, emote trial, double bp card and get discount on skin. So, we can buy skin using low diamonds. Which will save our diamonds and money.
Then comes the new heroes Yve and Beatrix. Yve is a mage and Beatrix is a marksman. Both of the heroes are now available in the Test Server. Soon they will release in the original server.

Yve and Beatrix Release Date:

Yve Release Date February 12, 2021.
Beatrix Release Date March 19, 2021.

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