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On our site, we accept guest posting. We are looking for some good guest writers for our site. We only accept posts with unique content and the post should be relevant to our site’s niche.

The post must follow our guest posting rules and guidelines below, only then we will review the post and publish it on our site.

We only accept guest posts about Mobile Gaming, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Mobile Apps Review (Must be published in Play Store or App Store).

What Are The Benefits

SajidCh.Com is a fast-growing website in it’s niche. There are thousands of organic traffics comes from search engines and more traffics comes from various sources.

If your posts get published on our site, then you will get a backlink. So, you will also receive some traffics from our site. Which will help you to grow up faster and to get a boost in your revenue.

Rules, You Must Follow While Writing

1. Quality

We receive a lot of guest posts every month but all the posts can’t be published for many reasons. One of the reasons is the post quality.

So, if your post is specially written for our site and it has a good writing quality, then it would be much appreciated.

2. No Copy Pasting

We don’t accept copy posts. Your post must be unique and written by you. Also, make sure that your post was not copied from your own site or from anywhere else on the web. Because we don’t want to get a copyright claim.

3. Post-Topic, Title, and Contents Must Be Relevant

If the post content doesn’t reflect the post title then it will not be accepted. So, make sure your post’s title, topic, and content are relevant to each other.

4. Minimum 300 Words

This is an optional rule. If your writing is so good we will accept it even if doesn’t meet the minimum 300 words requirement.

So, make sure that your post is written appealingly and easy to understand.

5. Media Files

You can increase the chance of getting your post approved by adding post-relevant images (pictures only. Videos are not allowed). Each picture must be 30KB to 80KB in size.

6. Links

We will not approve any post with affiliate links, hacking or phishing links, links with multiple redirections, link to adult/pornographic contents, sites, pages, etc.

It is appreciated to add your self-promotion links like website, youtube video link, Facebook page link, or any other links which belong to you and which reflect your works.

Post Writing Guidelines

  • Use H2 or H3 tags for sub-headings.
  • Include alt and title attributes in the IMG tags.

Topics/Categories You Can Write On


    We only accept Mobile Gaming Posts in this category/topic.
  • Mobile Legends (High Priority. We will give your post high priority if it is related to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)
  • Mobile Gaming Tutorials
  • Screen recording tips, tricks
  • Gaming performance apps, tools, tips, tricks
  • Best Mobiles for gaming
  • Mobile Gaming accessories
  • New Games reveiew (Must be published in App Store/Play Store)
  • Gaming Mobile comparrison
  • New in game event, upcoming event, event tutorials, etc.
  • And other topics related to the category above.


  • Blogger Tutorials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media
  • Make money from Blogger blog
  • Getting approved by Adsense
  • Best Adsense alternatives for Blogger
  • And other topics related to the category above.


  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Make money from WordPress blog
  • Getting approved by Adsense
  • Best Adsense alternatives for WordPress
  • WordPress site performance
  • WordPress plugins
  • And other topics related to the category above.


  • YouTube Tutorials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Make money from YouTube
  • YouTube Channel growing tips, tricks
  • YouTube thumbnail tutorial
  • YouTube Logo, Channel art tutorial
  • YouTube Studio tutorial
  • YouTube tags, tittle, description,etc.
  • YouTube name,subtitle,choosing channel name, channel customization etc.
  • And other topics related to the category above.

If You Follow Our Rules and Guidelines, Then You Can Send Your Article To Us By Using The Link Below.

Still have questions? contact us.

Last Updated: October, 2022
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