VTrick Blogger Template V1.9.0 Free Download 2022

VTrick Blogger Template is new creative design Blogger Template. The Template was designed and released by Vietrick. VTrick Blogger Temple is free and it has no premium version. VTrick Blogger Template

That means anyone can download Vtrick Template for free and use it on their Blogger Blog. You don’t need to buy the Template as it was released for free for everyone on the Internet.

VTrick Blogger Template has cool and unique design. It introduces itself with fast loading, compact design and smooth performance. VTrick Blogger Theme’s design is based on Litespot and Colorify Blogger Template. But it has a lot of changes and new features in it.

Optimized Features in VTrick Template

  • Fast Loading: Full Website loads within 1 seconds.
  • Auto Table of Contents
  • Fake Post Ratings
  • Multiple Ads Position
  • Floating Call to Action Buttons
  • Support Multiple Comment System
  • 100% Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy Customization

Pagespeed Test

As you can see the above picture speed test of the VTrick Blogger Template. The Template is really fast and smooth. You visitors will see and feel a rocket fast website. A fast website is always liked by the visitors, Google and the other search engines.

If your website is fast loading then it will gain a huge traffic from Google and other Search Engines. Experts recommends to keep your website loading time less than 3 seconds to get more visitors. And VTrick Blogger Template can help you to complete this task. Because if you use this template, your website will load in less than 2 second, which is very fast.

Fast loading is not the only advantage you will get in this template. VTrick Template will give you many more advantages and advance features. New unique cool and creative design, 16:9 Featured Image, Dark Mode, Advanced Preload, Homepage ticker news, threaded comment system, Mega menu and Reading time, are the new added features in this Blogger Template.

Free Download VTrick Blogger Template

Guys this template is completely free and you don’t need to buy it. So, I added the official download link of the template. You can download it and see demo from below link.

Demo Download


VTrick Template Dark Mode

Nowadays most of the Blogger Templates supports Dark Mode and almost all of them requires to buy the premium version in order to use Dark Mode feature. But in VTrick Blogger Template it is free. You can use the Dark mode feature in your blogger blog for free.

Fake Post Rating

Fake post rating

As you can see the picture above, Google shows post ratings on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So, if you add fake 5 star ratings on your post, your post will show up on Google with the rating. And people will think your post is good, then they will click on your post first. That’s how you can increase your CTR in Search Console. In a result you will get more higher position on Google and other search engines.

Call to Action Buttons

Currently VTrick template supports Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat, Zalo and Phone Call action buttons.

Advance Preload

This is the best feature of this Blogger Template. Because it will speed up your blog and make the loading time less. Preload feature will cache your site on visitor’s browser and when they hover over a link the preload feature will make the browser to downland the page before they visit. So, it will make your site load blazing fast.

16:9 Featured Image

Another useful feature of the template is 16:9 ratio featured image. It is useful because 16:9 is a common size and this ratio is used in YouTube, Facebook thumbnails. So, you can use your YouTube, Facebook thumbnail directly on your blog. And 16:9 featured image will make your site responsive.

So, guys that’s my review on the VTrick Blogger Template. Do you like the template? let me know in the comment below.

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