Upcoming Hero Revamp in Mobile Legends 2020

mobile legends hero revamp
Hello guys, today I will talk about the upcoming hero revamp in Mobile Legends.
Mobile Legends team always tries to keep the game good and enjoyable by everyone, that’s why they always take feedback from the players and apply them on the game. They really hard work for us for their respective players. The team respects us abd they understands our need. Recently Mobile Legends said they will bring revamp heroes. Especially they will revamp the old heroes like: Saber, Miya, Alucard, Eudora, Lyla, Zilong etc.

They uploaded a video on YouTube on revamped heroes.

Upcoming Hero Revamp in Mobile Legends:

1. Layla: Layla is one of the old heroes in MLBB. There is a revamp for Layla.

2. Alucard: Alucard is one of the most used and favourite heroes in ML. Mobile Legends is mainly revamping the “Ultimate” of Alucard.

3. Miya: I think Miya is the very first hero in MLBB. They revamping Miyas look and Skills.

4. Saber: Saber is a good hero. But he is not so powerful in early game and very is to kill. Sabers new revamp is just “OP”.

5. Zilong: Zilong is also a very good and powerful Assassin/Fighter. They revamping Zilong also.

6. Hilda: Hilda is also receiving a revamp. Hilda is semi Tank/Fighter.

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