Upcoming Esmeralda Foreseer Event Release Date and More info

esmeralda foreseer event
Today we will talk about the upcoming Esmeralda Foreseer Event. Another new member will join the Hero skin squad very soon. The new upcoming member of the hero skin squad is Esmeralda hero skin Foreseer.
Foreseer is the upcoming hero skin for Esmeralda. All we know that when there is a new hero skin there is a new event for the skin such as the Bruno Firebolt event, Lancelot Swordmaster event, Chou Thunderfist event, Vale Blizzard storm event. So, there is another hero skin event for Esmeralda which is “Foreseer”.

Esmeralda Foreseer Hero Skin Release Date:

Esmeralda hero skin Foreseer will release on June 19, 2021.
So, the Foreseer event will also start on June 19.

Esmeralda Foreseer Event Release Date:

Foreseer event also releases on June 19. But before the foreseer event, there will be a pre-order event for Flare-up tokens. June 12 – June 18 is the predicted date of the pre-order event of Foreseer skin in Mobile Legends.

Esmeralda Foreseer Event Tasks and Rewards

Event Tasks:
1.Pre-order from June 12 to June 18 and login on June 19 to claim a Flare-up token from the pre-order chest.
2. log in to claim 1 Flare-up token.
3. Play one classic/rank/brawl with friends to claim 1 Flare-up token.

These are the free tasks for free tokens which I mentioned above. We will get 3 tokens for free without Diamond topup. To get more tokens you need to topup diamonds.

Event Rewards:
1. Esmeralda Foreseer Hero Skin.
2. Exclusive Esmeralda Hero Skin Avatar Border.
3. Exclusive Esmeralda Hero Skin Emote.
4. Exclusive Esmeralda Hero Skin Sacred Statue.
5. Exclusive Esmeralda Hero Skin Recall, Spawn, Elimination Effects.

And more amazing rewards. There will also some daily login bonus rewards in the event.

Here is Some Screenshots of Esmeralda Foreseer Hero Skin Event:
Esmeralda foreseer event tasks
esmeralda foreseer event

Watch the following video for more info.

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