Upcoming Double 11 Lottery Free Hanzo Skin & More

Currently there are many events in Mobile Legends. They will be releasd soon in the Original Server. In this post I will share upcoming Double 11 Lottery event and more events.
Double 11 Lottery
I don’t know if they will be released in the Original Server, I’m here to inform you the events. So, let’s get onto the topic.

Double 11 Lottery:

Double 11 Lottery event is currently in the Advance Server. In this event we can get skins by drawing. The event is similar to Party Box or Anniversary Box Events.

In this event we can use Tokens to draw and Tokens can be obtained by daily login tasks. Login Daily to claim a free draw everyday.

And there is a special reward which is Hanzo Normal skin. Draw for 3 times in the Double 11 Lottery event to Claim Hanzo Normal Skin for free.

Double 11 Lottery event rewards including Collector, Limited-time Epic Skins, Special, Elite and Normal Skins. A Special or Epic skin is guaranteed in the 10th draw.

So, Guys watch the below video to get a visual information of the event.
Video Link:- https://youtu.be/2rrR15Y7L_A

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