Trick To Claim Rewards Without Invite Friends

There are many Events right now in Mobile Legends. And Invite Back Your Friends To BLBB is one of the events. This event is amazing and extremely beneficial for MLBB players. Because, there are many rewards including permanent skins and diamonds in this event.

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Event Rewards:

  • Chance to get 9999 Diamonds
  • Fragments
  • Paquito Normal Skin (Permanent)
  • Star Protect Card
  • Lapu-Lapu Special Skin Vulcan (Permanent)
  • Miya 5th Anniversary Skin (Permanent)
  • Moonstone Tokens

So, guys as you can see there are huge rewards we can get in this event.

The Event is very easy to complete. We just need to invite back our inactive MLBB friends to MLBB. Players who didn’t logged in for more than 7 days, before the event started, will be counted as inactive players.

If you think you will go inactive and claim rewards during the event, then throw it off. Because this trick won’t work.

So, How Do I Claim All Rewards Without Inviting Friends?

Well for this we need Smurf Accounts. We can use our Smurf accounts to claim rewards. That’s why I always recommend to create 3-5 Smurf accounts in MLBB. Just create and keep them inactive for events like this. So, you can claim all rewards without help of other players.

If you don’t know how to create Smurf Account in Mobile Legends, then watch the below video.

Video Link:-

Now let’s move into the trick to claim all rewards without inviting friends. Guys at first copy your invitation code and then open your inactive account. Then navigate to event page and enter your invitation code. Then Claim your rewards from both Smurf and Main Account.

So, using this trick you can claim all rewards. For more information you can watch the below video.

Video Link:-

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