S21 Skin and S22 First Purchase Skin In Mobile Legends

The Rank Season 20 is almost end in Mobile Legends and the new Rank Season 21 is coming soon. Season 21 skin reward is Gord New Baron skin and the S22 First Purchase skin is Fanny Imperial Warrior skin. Fanny Imperial Warrior skin can be obtained only for 50 Diamonds. And the gord new baron skin is obtained throw Season 21 Skin rewards.

When Will Be The Season 21 Reseted:

The Rank Season will be reseted on September 25 and the rewards will be given on that day. You will get Ticketts, Fragments, Battle Points and the Seasonal Skin if you meet the rewards requirements in the previous rank.

S21 Skin reward is Gord New Baron skin. And the S22 first purchase skin is Fanny Imperial Warrior Skin. This skin can be obtained for only 50 diamonds in the first purchase skin.

For more information you can watch the below video.
Video Link:- https://youtu.be/WBox6O5nNko

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