S.T.U.N. Chou and S.T.U.N. Brody Skin Entrance Animation + Gameplay

S.T.U.N. Chou Skin Gameplay
There is a new Skin Squad coming in Mobile Legends. Which is S.T.U.N. Squad. The members of this skin squad are Chou, Brody and Selena. I think in future there can be more members in this skin squad.
S.T.U.N. Skin squad will release on 515 E-Party 2021. During the event the S.T.U.N. skin of Chou, Brody and Selena will be released. For now I got updates about Chou and Brody skin only. I will show you the gameplay and shop animation and entrance animation of the skins. Both of the skins are looking cool and the skin effects are amazing. You can watch the following video.

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