Party Box Event September 2021 Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends new patch 1.6.18 is coming out tomorrow in the official server. The new patch will release with a lot of updates and new events in Mobile Legends.

Especially the Revamped heroes and skins will release tomorrow. Revamped heroes and skins are:

  • Hayabusa and his Skins
  • Lancelot and his Skins
  • Odette and her Skins
  • Kagura and her Skins
  • Alpha revamped Sea Gladiator skin.

So, tomorrow on the server time the Party Box event will release and the limited-time return of the Lancelot and Odette Epic Skins. Return of Lancelot Epic Skin Royal Matador and Odette Epic Skin Mermaid Princess.

The Party Box event tomorrow will exclusively feature those skins of Lancelot and Odette. So, if you are looking for to obtain Lancelot or Odette’s skin then it is the best chance for you. Because there is chance of free draw tickets tasks in the Party Box event tomorrow. So you can draw using your free tickets and also recharge diamonds to get more draw.

Generally in the Party Box events Elite skin is guaranteed in the first free draw and Epic skin is guaranteed in the 5th draw. And the advantage of this event is Epic skins which ate not obtained by you, will be prioritzed.

Take a look on the leaked picture below. This picture is leaked by ML_leaks.

Party Box Event Leak 21 September 2021
21 September Party Box Event Leaked Image

If you want more detailed info then watch the below video.

Video Link:-

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