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Operation Sundarban is the new released Bangladeshi wildlife action thriller film. If you want to download Operation Sundarban full movie then read the full post. In this post I will share Operation Sundarban full movie download link and also the online streaming link. So, you can easily watch the movie online.

Operation Sundarban Full Movie Download

Guys before you download or watch the movie I recommend you to take a look on the movie plot, director, actors, budget, etc. Operation Sundarban is the movie that actually shooted inside the Sundarbans.

Sundarbans is the world’s biggest mangrove forest and the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Sundarbans is the home of many animals, birds, snakes and many more creatures.

..:: Plot ::..

The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, located in the southern part of Bangladesh. People of different trades in the region depend on this vast forest life. The pirates has persecuted these people for more than 40 years.

People are not protected from the pirates of the Sundarbans which not only includes variety of species but also Royal Bengal Tiger.  In such a situation, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Director General assigns the responsibility of the Sundarbans from the pirates to the RAB-7 commanding officer Ishtiaqe Ahmed.

Ahmed launches an operation to make Sundarbans free of pirates with the help of commander of RAB Crime Prevention Unit (CPC)-1, Lieutenant Rishan (Ziaul Roshan and the commander of newly formed Sundarbans Squad, Major Sayem (Siam Ahmed). Simultaneously, researcher Tania Kabir (Nusraat Faria) arrives in Sundarbans to do research on the tigers in the forest.

After the end of pirates episode, the team realizes that these bandits in the Sundarbans are just chess pieces. A disguised evil force is moving the wheels from behind. The team continues their fight against the mysterious forces at play.

..:: Cast, Director & Budget ::..

Operation Sundarban movie is directed by Dipankar Dipon. And it’s written by Dipankar Dipon and Nazim ud Doula. The movie budget is more than 4 crore Bangladeshi taka which is equivalent to $480,000 USD (2021).

Operation Sundarban Full Movie Download

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