New Hero Benedetta Release Date Changed Again

benedetta release date 1

Benedetta is an upcoming new hero in Mobile Legends. Her role is Assassin in game. I think she will be one of the most powerful assassins in mobile legends. Benedetta is now only available in advance server but she will available in original server soo. Her release date changed for 4th time.
Benedetta first release date was 15th August, 2020. Then it changed to September, 2020. Then it changed again to November, 2020 and now the release date changed to December, 2020. This is the 4th time changing of release date of new hero Benedetta.
Everyone will get this new hero Benedetta for free. You won’t need any diamonds or battle points to buy her. There will be a event named Benedetta’s War when benedetta will release and you can claim her free from that event. But exact release date of hero Benedetta and of that event is unknown.

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