New Event Free Epic Skins and Get More Rewards Now

Free Skin Mobile Legends Browser Event
Free Skin Mobile Legends Browser Event
Hey what’s going on? hope you are well. Today, I am back with an amazing event in Mobile Legends. From the event we can get free epic, Free heroes and more rewards by comoleting some easy tasks. This is the new browser event in ML. The task of the event is very easy. You just need to invite your friends to help you to get more Attempts. We can use the Attempts to flip card. Use Attempts flip card and claim rewards.
The rewards includes: Chou Hero skin – Thunderfist, Harith- Lightborn skin – Inspirer, Thunder flash skin and Hilda – Bass Craze skin. Also we get free Hero Chou, Selena, etc.
Guys I think this is the best chance to claim the limited time event skins such as Chou – Thunderfist. This skin is really amazing. Guys hurry up and join the event now.
Watch the following video.

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