Mobile Legends S24 Skin and S25 First Purchase Skin

Mobile Legends Season 24 is about to end and Mobile Legends S24 Skin has already been confirmed. We get a free skin at the end of each Season in Mobile Legends.

Season 24 will not be exception, we will get a free skin on this season too. Guys I know you are excited to know the Season 24 skin in Mobile Legends. I sure you will be satisfied by Mobile Legends S24 Skin.

Because the skin design, skill effects, colour combination are so cool that you will probably like the skin. And getting a free reward is always fun.

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Mobile Legends S24 Skin and S25 First Purchase Skin

Guys Mobile Legends S24 Skin is for Grock. And the Skin name is Grock – Ancient Totem. As you can see the picture below. Mobile Legends S24 Skin

Mobile Legends S24 Skin Grock Ancient Totem will release on July 02.

Mobile Legends S25 First purchase skin is for Selena. The skin name is Selena – Gothic Curse. As you can see the picture of both ML S24 skin and S25 first purchase skin. s24 skin ml and S24 first purchase skin

Both of the skin are designed well and the skill effects are so cool. You will get an awful feel while playing with these skin.

And I want to congratulate to the Grock and Selena users here. Because you guys are getting free skin for your favourite heroes.

That’s all guys. I hope you like my post. Make sure to share the post, because sharing is caring :).

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