Mobile Legends Party Box Event 2020 Full Details

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Mobile Legends Party Box event is back. In this post, I’m gonna tell you the full details of this event. So, let’s start.

Event Time

The time of the Party Box event is from 22 September to 03 October 2020.

Preorder and Claim Rewards In Mobile Legends:

Login September 22 to Preorder in this event. Then login 26 September to claim a free draw. Using this free draw you can draw 1x in the Party Box. Everyone will get an Elite Skin 100% guaranteed.
You can get an Elite Skin for 100% free. No need to recharge diamonds or no need to spend money. If you like to get more skin you will need to recharge diamonds.
I think this an amazing event by moonton. I love this event because I can get an elite skin 100% free without spending any diamonds.

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