Miya Collector Skin Script No Password 2022

Miya Collector Skin Doom Catalyst has been released in Mobile Legends via Grand Collection event. You can get the skin free by using Miya Collector Skin Script. But if you want to obtain Miya Collector Skin for real then you need to join Grand Collection event and spend diamonds.

miya collector skin in Grand Collection event mlbb

Guys in this tutorial I will give you the Miya Collector Skin Script and show you how to install the script in your Mobile Legends. Doom Catalyst is the brand new Collector Skin of Miya. Miya is one of the hero with most skins in Mobile Legends.

So, if Miya is your favorite hero or if you are a Miya main then this new Collector Skin is going to be the best skin for you. Because the skin is a limited skin and you can only obtain it by joining the Grand Collection Event in Mobile Legends.

But guys don’t worry there is another way to get the skin without spending diamonds. You can use Miya Collector Skin Script to get the skin. Download Miya Doom Catalyst Skin Script, Miya Backup File and Zarchiver from the below links.

Download Miya Collector Skin Script:

Miya Collector Skin Script No Password

Guys if you have no idea about Skin script and how to use them then you can read the below post. I showed step by step tutorial in the below post.

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Below are some useful and new skin scripts for you.

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