KOF Stamps 2.0 is Here June 12 to June 14

kof stamps 2.0
KOFxMLBB collab is an amazing event in Mobile Legends. From this event, we can get free skins including exclusive KOF skins (Iori Yagami, Leona, Orochi Chris, Athena Asamiya, Kula Diamond, K’) and Epic skins.
KOF collab event happens almost every year. This year 2021 KOF event also happened. This year KOF event happened twice like the previous year. But in the previous 2nd KOF was only for Latin America Servers so we were using VPN to get the event.

This year KOF 2nd event which is called KOF Stamps 2.0 happening in all servers. KOF Stamps 2.0 Started on June 12 and will end on June 14. At this time we can use KOF Bingo Lotteries to draw in the KOF Bingo Event to get our dream KOF Skins.
kof stamps 2.0 tasks
In KOF Stamps 2.0 we only get 1 free stamp, which is obtained by logging in. And if we want to get more free stamps then we need to recharge diamonds. And then spend diamonds to get more free stamps.

kof stamps 2.0 exchange

One KOF Stamp is equal to one KOF Bingo Lottery. So, if you have recharged diamonds and claimed all the stamps then it will be 18 Stamps. This means we will get 18 KOF Bingo Lottery.
So, we will use these 18 KOF Bingo Lotteries to draw in KOF Bingo. In the first 10th draw Kareena KOF Skin Leona is Guaranteed. If you already obtained the skin then it will be converted into a random Epic skin.

kof bingo draw

That’s all for this post. If you have any questions about the KOF event comment below.

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