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MLBB x KOF is one of the best collaboration in Mobile Legends. We got six KOF skin from this collaboration between Mobile Legends and King of Fighters. Maybe we will get more KOF Skins from the KOF event 2022.

We got KOF skin of Chou, Gusion, Dyrroth, Karina, Guinevere and Aurora. Till 2021 we got total two events of KOF. We expected that the KOF event will arrive soon in Mobile Legends, like the last year event. And we got some information from our leakers. So, today in this post I’m going to share with you guys.

MLBB KOF Event 2022 Release Date:


The KOF Event of 2022 will release on May 22. 

And this news is leaked by some ML Leakers.  We got a lot of information in early.

MLBB KOF Event 2022 Leaks
MLBB KOF Event 2022 Leaks
  • KOF Event Starting from May 22, 2022 and will end on June 20, 2022. As you can see the KOF event will last for one month.
  • KOF Event Pre-Register from May 22 to May 29.
  • Claim extra KOF Stamps by completing Tasks. From May 29 To June 01.

All the information above are leaked by ML leakers. So, I can’t guarantee about the dates. Always remember that, Moonton has right to change the event release date at any time without notice.

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Some Questions and Answers:

Will KOF Skins Return in 2022?

Answer: Yes, all the KOF Skins will return in the KOF 2022 Event.

  • Chou Iori Yagami
  • Gusion K’
  • Karina Leona
  • Guinevere Athena Asamiya
  • Aurora Kula Diamond
  • Dyrroth Orochi Chris

Will We Get Free KOF Stamps?


Answer: Yes, there will be Pre-Register event and Tasks to get free KOF Tasks. So, we will get free KOF Stamps.

How Many KOF Stamps We Will Get For Free?

Free KOF Stamps Tasks

Answer: Guys we will get 1 free stamp from the Pre-Register event and one for login game.

  • Pre-Register = 1 KOF Stamp
  • Login Game = 1 KOF Stamp

So, we get total 2 KOF Stamps for free without recharging diamonds. If you want to get more KOF Stamps then you will need to recharge and spend diamonds.

How Many KOF Bingo Lottery We Will Get For Free?

KOF Stams Exchange to KOF Bingo Lottery

Answer: 1 KOF Stamp equivalent to 1 KOF Bingo Lottery. So, how many KOF Bingo Lottery you will get is depending on how many KOF Stamps you have.

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Generally without diamond recharge you will get 2 KOF Bingo Lottery for free.

How to Get KOF Skin in ML?

Answer: The only way to get KOF Skin in Mobile Legends is the MLBB x KOF Skin Event. You can get KOF Skins by joining the KOF Bingo Event in Mobile Legends.

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That’s all for now. We gathered these informations from various sources like, MLBB YouTube Channels, ML Leakers, etc. If you have any question about the Upcoming KOF Event 2022, let me know in the comment below.


  1. will Athena Asamiya and Orochi Chris be buyable at the shop again or they will remain along side on the Prize Pool with other KOF’s??

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