KOF Round 3, Return of Iori Yagami and Other KOF Skins 2021

KOF Round 3, 2021 Release Date
KOFxMLBB is a very amazing collaboration in the history of Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends bring some awesome skins featuring KOF Heroes. All the skins are amazing and liked by all the MLBB players all over the world. But the problem is you can’t buy them anytime, because all the skins are time-limited. It means you will only able to buy the skins when the KOF event comes. So, almost every year there is a KOF event. This year 2021 will also have a KOF Returning event from May 22. In this event, all the KOF skins will return for a limited time and all the skins can be obtained by event or you maybe can buy them using diamonds.
Also in the event, we will get a Pre-order event on May 22 from the pre-order we will get free KOF tickets for free draw.
In the first 10X draw Karina KOF skin Leona is guaranteed and if you already obtained the skin in a previous event, then the skin will be converted into a random Epic skin. So, there is a chance of getting an Epic skin for free. And you want to draw more than you need to recharge diamonds. Guys, I think this KOF event is very important and useful for us because we can obtain skins for free.

KOF 2021 Release Date:

KOF 2021 will start on May 22. And on this day we can pre-order for free tickets to draw in the KOF event.

KOF 2021 Free Skin Date:

We can claim our pre-order tickets on May 29 and can draw using them. In the first 10x draw Karina KOF Skin Leona is guaranteed. And if you already obtained the skin it will be converted into a random Epic skin.

KOF 2021 Event Time:

KOF 2021 will be running for a month and it will be from May 22 to June 20.

So, guys be ready for the free skins and for the amazing event. If guys want more information then you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. I put a video below so you can Subscribe to us.

That’s all guys. If you have any questions then comment below.

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