How To Complete Invite Friends Back Event In Mobile Legends

Hey guys what’s going on? hope you are well. Today in this post I will show you how to self boost in the Invite Friends Event in Mobile Legends. Guys this event can be very useful to you because you can have a chance to claim a total of 9999 diamonds, which is a very huge number of diamonds.

But guys we know that we need to invite inactive friends to claim rewards. Players who didn’t log in for the last 7 days before the event start will be counted as inactive. So, we need to invite them and tell them to put our invitation code. If they use our invitation code we will get rewards.

The hardest thing about the event is finding inactive friends and tell them to put our code. Guys, I realized this problem and decided to make a tutorial on this event.

How To Self Boost in Invite Friends Event in Mobile Legends:

Guys to self boost we need to have some smurf/2nd accounts. So, we can use our smurf accounts to be invited by our main account. So, by using this method we will be able to claim all rewards ourselves. That’s why I recommend you guys make some smurf accounts to use them in such events. Also, we can use smurf accounts in the Promo Diamonds event. So, it is very useful to make some smurf account. If you don’t know how to make smurf accounts in Mlbb then you can follow the below link.

What Rewards We Will Get By Completing The Event Tasks:

From the Friends Invite Event in ML we can get a lot of rewards including Double BP Cards, Epic Skin Trial Cards, Fragments, etc.
As super rewards, we can get 9999 Diamonds and Lapu-Lapu Vulcan Permanent, which is a Special Skin.
[rb_related total=”2″ style=”light”] So, guys, I think this event is very useful to us. Make sure to join before it ends. That’s all for this post. If you have any problem with this event comment below.


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