Independence Day Carnival of Brazil Event Free Elite Skin

Brazil Independence Day is on September 07. On occasion of Independence Day of Brazil there is new in Mobile Legends.

In this event players can join to get free Elite skins randomly among Tigreal Fallen Guard, X.Borg Moto Drifter, Wanwan Shoujo Commander, Nana Slambur Party and Sun Battle Buddha Elite skin.

In this event we need to daily login to collect tokens. Also there is some extra quests to get more Tokens. Exchange tokens for Elite skin Chest and for Double BP Card, Emblem pack, etc.

This event started on Brazil Independence day which is on September 07 and will end on September 20. So, Hurry up & join now to get your dream elite skin in Mobile Legends.

Some Screenshots of the event:
independence day carnival of brazil event
independence day carnival of brazil

Watch the following video to get more information about this event.

Video Link:

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