How To Remove Injected Skins in ML Without Clearing Data

remove injected skin no clear data mlbb
Injected or Scripted skins are very usefull to those players who can’t buy skin using diamonds. Using a skin script or inject skin you doesn’t need to spend any diamond to buy skin. This completely free and good to use. You can get the actual effects and gameplay of the skin you want. Using skin injection or script skin in Mobile legends is very common now. Almost everyone uses it. Also I’m using the Thunderfist skin of Chou. Which is superhero skin of Chou. Btw today I will teach you how you can remove any scripted or injected skin without clearing data of Mobile Legends.

How To Remove Skin Script Without Clearing Data in Mobile Legends:

To do this we need to download an app. The app size is only 2MB. At first download the from the link below.

Name: Zpatcher apk
Size: 2MB
Download: Click Here

Then watch the following video to understand the process properly.

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