How To Invite Friends Back in Mobile Legends

In this post I will show you how to complete Invite Friends Back event in Mobile Legends.

Invite Friends Back event is a very beneficial event in Mobile Legends. In this event we have opportunity to get 9999 Diamonds, Lapu-Lapu Special Skin Vulcan,999 Diamonds and more rewards.

If you get 9999 Diamonds in Mobile Legends? can you imagine? it’s huge guys. So, guys let’s see how to complete invite friends back event in mobile legends.

How To Complete Invite Friends Back Event in Mobile Legends

Guys in this event we need to invite our Inactive Friends to come back to Mobile Legends. Players who didn’t logged in for more than 7 days will be counted as inactive players. So, if you have any friends who didn’t logged in for more than 7 days, tell them to help you. They can just enter you invitation code in the Invite Friends Back event.

    1. Guys look at the event interface below. Invite Friends Back Mobile LegendsYou can see an code 7ddxahg it is the invitation code. This is my invitation code. You will see a similar invitation code your MLBB.
    2. Copy you invitation code. Then login your inactive Smurf Id or tell you friend to use your invitation code.

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  • If your Smurf id was inactive for more than 7 days, you will see an inout area to enter invitation code, like the picture below. Enter Invitation Code MLNow enter you Invitation Code in here. After imputing the code, you will be able to claim rewards in both of your Main id and Smurf id.

So, guys if you have a lot of Smurf id then you can complete this event by yourself. Amd you claim all the rewards including 9999 diamonds.

That’s why I recommend you to create at least 4-5 Smurf id and then keep them inactive. Whenever there will be event like this you can use your inactive Smurf Accounts to claim rewards.

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