How To Hide Wapkiz Footer Ads

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Nowadays days Wapkiz becoming popular as a wap builder. After shutting down of Wapka people came to Wapkiz to make the website easily. Wapkiz offers us a very simple interface and free storage to make the site as you like. You can make a download site, forum site, blog site, YouTube download site in Wapkiz. But there is a problem. The problem is when you make a site using Wapkiz there’s always some ads in the footer of your site which are inserted automatically by Wapkiz.

Why Wapkiz Show Ads On The Footer of Your Site?

The answer is for money. They offer you a good web building service and also they give you free storage to make the site and to host your files. That’s why they putting some ads on the footer of every site. Wapkiz gets some revenue when visitors click those ads & when the pop-up ad opens they also get some revenue. Wapkiz uses this revenue to carry their hosting cost.
I think hiding ads is not good. Because they giving you free storage, you need no money to buy hosting. Just create an account and start building the site. But if you still wish to remove footer ads of your Wapkiz website then follow the below steps.

Wapkiz Footer Ads Hide Code Features:

1. Html5
2. Pure CSS
3. No Javascript
4. We use Wapkiz tag code
5. Fast Loading
6. No encrypted Code
7. No Hidden Code

Download Wapkiz Footer Ads Hide Code v2.0 :

How To Hide Wapkiz Footer Ads:


Wapkiz%2Bfooter%2Bad%2Bhide%2Bcode%2Bstep%2B 1

Login your Wapkiz account and then select the site from which you want to remove footer ads. Now click on Panel Mode.


Footer edit step 2

Then go to Extra >> Footer >> click on Edit.


Wapkiz footer ads hide step 3

Now click on Html/Tag Code from the drop down menu.


Wapkiz footer ads hide step 4 picsay

Now paste the code in the box you downloaded. Set position for this code at the end of all codes on this page.
That’s all. Now visit your site and see the magic no footer ads.

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