How To Hide History In Mobile Legends

If you having a bad day with a loosing streak in Mobile Legends and want to Hide History, then this article is for you. Getting so many loosing streak is painful in Mobile Legends.

When other players visits or checks your Match History they see your loosing streak and think you are a bad player. That’s why might want to Hide your History. Or if you have a privacy concern you can simply hide your history in Mobile Legends.

Hide History feature was only available to the Advanced Server. But now this option is available in the Official Server too. So, now anyone can hide their history.

How To Hide History in Mobile Legends:

  1. At first open Settings in Mobile Legends.
  2. Then click on Privacy. And you will see the Hide History button. Hide History in ML
  3. Just turn on the Hide History option and your History will be hidden to the other players.

That’s very easy to hide history in Mobile Legends. Now you can hide history in mobile legends without advance server.


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