How To Get Roger Cyborg Werewolf Skin For Free in Mobile Legends

Roger is a figter/marksman in Mobile Legends. Roger is one of the most used hero by players in Game. Roger has two forms. One is Human form and another is Wolf form. While he is in his Human form he is a Marksman and while he is in his Wolf form he is a Fighter. Wolf form is the strongest form of Roger.

Roger Cyborg Werewolf Sript
Recently Roger got another new Epic skin from Moonton. The new Epic skin is awesome and the skin has a sci-fi look and feel. So, guys today I will show you how you can get this skin for 100% free. You will no need to spend diamonds to buy the skin. You can obtain it for free. Just follow my steps properly and you will get your dream skin for free.
Guys watch the following video to learn how to get the Cyborg Werewolf skin free.

Video Link:-

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