How To Get Ling Cosmo Guard Skin For Free

Ling Cosmo Guard skin is the brand new Special skin. The skin is really amazing and the effects are so beautiful of this skin. I personally like the skin for the skyblue beautiful colour and specially the Sci-Fi look and the hairstyle of the skin.
Ling Cosmo Guard
So, hey guys today in this tutorial I will show you how to get the Ling special skin Cosmo Guard for free. You no need diamonds to buy the skin. Also you no need to topup any diamonds, so you can save your money and diamonds both. Using my trick you will get the Cosmo Guard skin 100% free. Guys to get the skin of Ling you need to follow the below video. I make video because the proccess of getting the skin is a little bit hard. Watch the full video, don’t skip the video otherwise you will not understand properly and you will not get the skin. So, make sure to watch the video second per second.

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