How To Get HFR Mode in Mobile Legends Yve Patch

Hey guys what’s going on? hope all of you are doing well. Today I will show you how to enable HFR Mode Yve Update.
HFR (High Frame Rate) mode is the most important feature in Mobile Legends. You can’t play the game properly if your phone don’t have HFR mode option in the game. Many phones specially phones above android version 10 don’t have HFR mode.


So, I decided to fix the problem. You can easily get HFR Mode if you follow my tutorial properly. Guys the proccess of getting HFR mode in Mobile Legends is a little bit hard so I make a video on it. You can watch the video from below.

Guys make sure to follow the full tutorial properly and don’t skin any single second in the video, otherwise you will not understand the proccess and your phone will still not have the HFR mode in the Mobile Legends.

Guys I hope after watching and following my trick you successfully got the HFR mode in your phone. If you find my video and post helpful please like the video and must Subscribe our channel to get more useful tricks about Mobile Legends.

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