How To Get Gusion COLLECTOR Skin

how to get Gusion COLLECTOR skin
Hey guys what’s going on? hope you are well. Today, I will show you how to get Gusion Collector Skin.
Guys I will show you a new event where we can get a chance to claim the Gusion Collector Skin for permanent and also get Gusion Collector Skin Trial. This is a browser event, where we can join to get many rewards. Rewards including Alice, Odette Special Skin and the Collector Skin of Gusion.

How To Get Gusion Collector Skin:

Guys open the mlbb browser event link: Click here event

Guys after opening the event link you will see a page like the picture below.

emitimenatan event mlbb

Then you can complete the event to have a chance to get the Gusion Collector Skin permanent. And if you don’t get the skin permanent you will get a trial card of gusion collector skin for 100% sure. Here is the Gusion Collector skin reward preview below.

emitimenatan event rewards

Guys I hope you will get the skin for permanent or you will get Gusion Collector skin trial. To understand properly you can watch the following video.

Video Link:-

That’s all guys. That was the tutorial about how to get Gusion Collector skin or how to get Gusion Collector skin trial


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