How To Get Granger Lightborn Skin For Free

how to get free skin in mobile legends
Granger Lightborn skin is one the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends. Granger is a member of Lightborn skin squad. All the Lightbor skins are amazing and very espensive to buy. Many players dream these skins but can’t buy during high requirement of diamonds.
Before Lightborn squad Mobile Legends most expensive skin was Bane’s Epic skin. Lightborn and Bane Epic skin price is now same.
So, hey guys Today in this tutorial I will teach you how to get Granger Lightborn skin for free. Following my tutorial you will get the Lightborn skin for 100% free, you need no diamonds to buy the skin. Guys the tutorial is a little bit hard so I make a video on it, watch the following video. Guys make sure to watch the full video, otherwise you will not understand properly and you will not get the skin.

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