How To Get Free Diamonds Every Week in Mobile Legends

Getting free Diamonds is not an easy task. Everyone who plays Mobile Legends wants to get free diamonds to buy their favorite skin or hero.
The only in-game event for getting free diamonds in mobile legends is the Promo Diamonds event. But Promo Diamonds are not work actually like normal diamonds. They work like a discount coupon. And you can only use them during the event. As well as you need at least one normal diamond to use the promo diamonds. So, promo diamonds will become useless if you don’t have any normal diamonds.

Guys in this post I will show you how to get free diamonds in mobile legends in a legal way. And the way I will show you is officially supported by Moonton.

Using my method you will get not only free diamonds every week but also Star Influencer Avatar Border.

How To Get Free Diamonds and Star Influencer Avatar Border in Mobile Legends:

MLBB Creator Camp
MCC is a official program of Mobile Legends to help the small content creators (YouTubers, Memers, TikTokers, etc.). By this program Mobile Legends help creators who make contents about Mobile Legends only.

But to join this program you need to obey some rules, such as avoiding posting about skin scripts, hacking, or any other illegal content.

And to join MCC you don’t need a lot of followers or subscribers. you just need to be
– a user of Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.
– Make content about Mobile Legends and the contents must be originally created by you.

As you can see the rules are so simple that anyone can easily maintain them.

If you meet all the rules and requirements mentioned above then follow the below link to join the official MCC Discord Server.

  • Join MCC Discord Server
  • Every week there will be new events on the MCC server. You can join those events to get free diamonds and more rewards.
    If your content quality is good then they will give you access to the Advance Server.
    So, as you can see there are many benefits you can get by just submitting your content.

    Guys I hope you understand my post. So, hurry up and join the MLBB Creator Camp now. You can watch the following video to know more about MCC.
    Video Link:-

    That’s all. Thanks for visiting. Please subscribe to our channel and if you have any problem understanding this post then comment below, I will be happy to help you.


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