How To Get Advanced Server in Mobile Legends

Advanced Server is a test server in Mobile Legends. In Advance Server, you can early access many things like upcoming new Hero, new Features, new Events, etc. If you have access to Advanced Server you can try any upcoming thing before they appear in Original Server. Many players have the Advance Server in their Account but many players don’t have this feature in their Account. If you not sure whether you have or not you can check it by following these steps.
Tap on Profile >> Acvount >> if you have Advance Server then you will see the option to Switch Server.

Advance Server MLBB

If you can’t see the option then don’t worry. I will teach you how you can get access to Advance Server in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. There are some requirements to get access to the Advanced Server.

Requirements To Get Access To Advance Server in MLBB:

  • Account must be level 20 or above
  • Account must be connected to Facebook/Google Play or VK
  • You must be from South East Asian Regions
  • Your phone must be Android (iPhone users also can get access, but need to contact to MLBB officials.)
  • Good internet connection

If your account meets those requirements then you can go ahead to apply for the Advanced Server. Also, there is a chance of appearing in the Advance Server option automatically. If you would like to apply manually then follow the steps below.

How To Apply For Advance Server in Mobile Legends:

Now I will teach you to step by step how you can apply for the Advanced Server in Mobile Legends. Follow the steps carefully.

Step-1. Tap on the Customer Care icon.

tap customer care icon

Step-2. Tap on Bug Reports

tap bug reports

Step-3. Tap on Applying for the Advanced Server.
Step-4. Tap on Tap to aplly button.

tap to apply

Step-5. Then you will get a form to apply for the Advanced Server. Just fill-up the form with the required answers and press Submit.

submit request for advance server

That’s all, now you just need to wait. Mobile Legends official team will review your application and if your account meets all of the requirements then you will get access to the Advanced Server. You will get a notification in your mailbox.

Thanks for reading my article. For a better understand you can watch the following video.

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