How To Get Advanced Server in Mobile Legends

Advanced Server is a different Server in Mobile Legends. You may hear of Advance Server before, that’s why you came here to learn how to get an advanced server. Then you are in the right place because I will teach you two new tricks for getting Advance Server in Mobile Legends and my trick is 100% working. If you want to enable Advance Server in your MLBB id then follow this post properly from first to last.

How To Enable Advanced Server in ML

What are the Benefits of Advance Server in Mobile Legends:

There are many benefits of having Advance Server in MLBB. You can try many things in Advance before they release officially in the original server. And you can do many more things, such as

  • Play new Heroes before release.
  • Try new Skins before release.
  • Get new Events before they release in Original Server.
  • You can learn about new adjustments like: Hero Buff, Hero Nerf, Battlefield adjustments, Matchmaking adjustments, etc. Before their official release.
  • Get Free Diamonds by doing tasks.
  • And if you find a new bug, you can report it to Moonton and if your information was right then you will be rewarded.

So, guys as you can see there are many benefits in the Advance Server. If you aside the benefits you can have fun playing new heroes, skins, new events, new maps, new items, etc before their release.

Requirements For Advance Server in Mobile Legends:

To join Advanced Server,

  1. You will need to live in Southeast Asia.
  2. Your MLBB account must be Level 20 or higher.
  3. Have a stable internet connection and the Ping must be below 100.
  4. Account need to be binded to Facebook, Moonton, VK or TikTok, etc.
  5. Need an Android Phone.

If your account meets all the requirements above then you can have a chance to get an Advance Server.

How To Get Advance Server in Mobile Legends:

If your account meets all the requirements mentioned above then you should see a new option on your event page, like the picture below.

Advanced Experience Event MLBB

Then you just need to click on the Apply Now button.

That was the official way to get an Advance Server. Your account met all the requirements but if you still can’t see the option in the Event, then follow the below tricks to get Advance Server.


In this trick we will use the Help Option.

At first open Mobile Legends and click on the Help icon.

Help Icon

Then navigate to Help → Bug Reports → Applying For the Advanced Server → Tap To Apply.

After navigating to the options above you will get a form like the picture below.

Mobile Legends Advance Server Apply

Then fill up the form with correct information and then Submit it.

What Now?

Now You just need to wait 3 days. Sometimes it takes a few days and even a few months. Moonton will check your account and the given information, if they find your account meets their requirements for the Advance Server, then they will inform you. And you will see a red notification in the Help icon.


In this trick, we will need a smurf account to get an Advance Server in Mobile Legends.

What is Smurf Account and How To Create Smurf Account?

If you don’t know what is Smurf Account in Mobile Legends and how to create smurf account, then you can read the below post or watcethe below video.

Video Link:-

Now you know what is smurf account and how to create smurf account, right? let’s move into the trick.
The Trick is: Open a Smurf Account and make it minimum 20 level by playing some Rank/Classic/Brawl matches. Then just keep your Smurf Account inactive for 3 months.
Then login again after 3 months and you will see the new option Advanced Experience in the Events option, which I mentioned in the beginning of the post.
Make sure to login especially when we collect our end season rewards. I mean when a new Season is starting.
Guys this smurf account trick will work 99.9% if you follow all the setps I mentioned above.

For better understanding you can watch the following Video.
Video Link:-

That’s all guys. If you have any issue regarding this post then let me know in the comment, I will be happy to help you. Please Subscribe our YouTube Channel for more tricks and to get useful videos about Mobile Legends. Thank you for visiting.


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