How to Fix Stuck Loading Mobile Legends 2022

Did you ever faced stuck at loading in Mobile Legends? Searching for solution, to fix the stuck loading Mobile Legends problem? But failed to solve the issue? Don’t worry today, I will show you 100% working method to fix this stuck loading problem in Mobile Legends. stuck loading mobile legends

The trick I’m going share to fix this issue is tested by me and it’s working almost in every Android device. So, I hope my trick will also work on your phone.

I was facing stuck loading mobile legends problem,  then I did some research on this issue and got a proper solution. In this post I will share the solution with you guys. Make sure to carefully follow all the steps shown below.

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How to Fix Stuck Loading Mobile Legends Problem

  • First we need to download an app. We can do it without app but it won’t work in all devices. So, it’s better to use the app to fix the issue. Download 4G Only app from Play Store. 4G Only Apk
  • Then launch Mobile Legends and minimize it when you stuck at loading screen. stuck at 100% loading ml
  • Then open the 4G Only app. You will get 3 options there. 4G Only App interfaceMethod1: for below Android 11, Method2: for Android 11+
  • Click on the Method 1 or 2 in 4G Only app according to your Android Version.
  • Then you will see an interface like the picture below. Now click on the marked button to open next settings. Phone Info Screen
  • Then you will see many options such as: WCDMA, LTE, GSM, etc. In this step we need to select WCDMA Only. WCDMA Only
  • After selecting WCDMA Only, go back and open Mobile Legends. Now your stuck at 100% loading issue will be fixed and you will enter the game as usual.
  • After successfully entering into Mobile Legends, minimize the game again and open the 4G Only app again.
  • Then select Default settings to avoid lag and network issue in Mobile Legends. Select default settings
  • Then go back to Mobile Legends and enjoy playing your favourite game.

That’s how we can fix the stuck loading mobile legends problem. This method will 100% work and will fix the issue if you properly follow all the steps above.

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