How To Fix Kinemaster Engine Falied To Initialize

If you have Kinemaster Engine Failed To Initialize error then don’t worry. Because in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to fix Kinemaster Engine Failed To Initialize problem in any Android phone. This is one of the common errors in Kinemaster app. So, I’m going to share solution for this error.

how to fix Kinemaster Engine Failed To Initialize

Right now Kinemaster is the most popular and most used Video Editor app on Mobile Phone. Especially for Android phone users, this is the best app for editing video. There are a lot of useful features in Kinemaster. You can easily make amazing videos using Kinemaster for free.

Kinemaster is a free to download app in Play Store and Apps Store. Just download the app and start making beautiful videos. The Kinemaster app interface is very simple and easy to use. Anyone with a little knowledge can make or edit videos using Kinemaster.

We get a lot of amazing features and options in Kinemaster. Video Layers, Photo Layers, Add Texts, Filter, Overlay, Transition Animation, Chroma Key, A lot of Fonts, Add Music, Extract Audio, Voice Record, Video Record, Audio Mixing, Equalizer and more.

These amazing features make Kinemaster the best video editor for Mobile. But there are also some problems and errors in Kinemaster. Such as,  Kinemaster engine Failed to initialize, Layer not supported, Export problem, Automatic back, etc.

For these types of problems sometimes it is impossible to edit video using Kinemaster. Especially after the Android 11,12,13 update, many users complained they can’t use the app properly.

One of the most common error I found in the Kinemaster is, Kinemaster engine Failed to initialize. This is a very annoying problem. So, I decided to find a solution for this problem and I’m going to share the solution with you guys.

How To Fix The Kinemaster Engine Failed To Initialize

Kinemaster engine failed to initialize is an error that occurred almost with everyone who use Kinemaster. The solution for this error is very simple. You no need to uninstall or clear data of Kinemaster. Just follow the below steps properly to fix this error.

  1. Whenever you see the error in Kinemaster, just minimize it by tapping the home button. kinemaster engine failed to initialize
  2. Then Tap and hold on Kinemaster then click on App info. Kinemaster app info
  3. On the App Info screen scroll down and tap Force Stop. Then press Ok. force stop kinemaster
  4. Now open Kinemaster as usual and boom there will be no problem anymore. kinemaster all error fixed

Note: Whenever you need to open Kinemaster follow the above steps to avoid the Kinemaster engine failed to initialize error.

I hope you have successfully solved the error with the help of my article. If you still have any error in Kinemaster then please comment below. I will try my best to fix the error.

Don’t forget to share the post, it will help other people to fix the error in their Kinemaster also.

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