How to Fix Black Screen Mobile Legends 2022 New Easy Method

In this tutorial, I will show you how to fix black screen Mobile Legends problem. Mobile Legends is the most famous MOBA game on Mobile platform. Though it is the most famous among the Mobile Gamers, it has a lot of  bugs and problems.

One of the most annoying bug in Mobile Legends is Balck Screen. When you try to open Mobile Legends it won’t open, it will just show you a blank black screen and you can wait for hours but it won’t going to open the game. This problem is very annoying and many players are facing this problem in their phone.

There are a lot of errors and bugs in the game, despite the fact that it features a number of tough and entertaining missions. The most common of these bugs is the black screen, for which players are seeking a quick solution.

This problem does not occur during gameplay, but rather at the moment of game launch. Therefore, it must be rectified immediately. So, if Mobile Legends black screen issue is also occurring on your device, please follow below steps.

How to Fix Black Screen Mobile Legends

Guys to fix black screen mobile legends problem, properly follow below steps. This method is working on 90% devices.

  • At first open Zarchiver. If you don’t have Zarchiver then download it from Play Store.
  • Then Navigate to Android/data/  
  • Fix Black Screen Mobile Legends

  • Then Navigate to

Guys in this folder you will see a file named realversion.xmlfix black screen ml As you can see the picture above. To fix the black screen problem in mobile legends, we need to delete this file.

  • Now delete the realversion.xml file.

Then close Zarchiver and launch Mobile Legends once you have deleted the realversion.xml file. Now the black screen problem should be fixed.

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So, this was my explanation on how to fix black screen mobile legends. The black screen in mobile legends occurs often almost with every MLBB player. Mobile Legends Black Screen problem also happened with me. That’s why I did some research on this issue and posted this detailed tutorial to fix ML black screen problem.

I hope my tutorial helped you to solve the issue. If you still have problem, bug, or any other issue playing mobile legends just let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help you.

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