How To Create New Account in Mobile Legends Without Clearing Data

Hey Guys, what’s going on? hope you are well. Today, I will teach you how to create smurf or new account in Mobile Legends without clearing data and no resources download again after creating new account.
how to create new account in ml without downloading resources
This is the brand new trick of new year 2021. Using this trick you can make new account or if want to create a smurf id the you can follow my trick. This trick is easy to use and anyone with a little knowledge can do this with ease. By the way, for this method you will need to download two apps. At first you download the apps from the Play Store. Then you can move into the next step.

Required Apps:

1. 2 Accounts
2. 2 Accounts Helper

You can download both of the apps from Google Play Store or if you have problem with Play Store then you can download from or from

After downloading the apps install them and watch the following video to understand the full trick. In the video I show how you can bypass resource download.

Video Link:-

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