How To Get Unlimited Like and Charisma In Mobile Legends

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Having a lot of likes in your profile makes you more popular in Mobile Legends. The more your charisma and like is the more you become famous. Getting a lot of likes is not easy. Top players in mobile legends have a significant number of likes and charisma in their profile. You can check top players from the Leaderboard option.
Today, in this tutorial I will show you how to get unlimited likes and charisma in your profile of Mobile Legends.
I will do this using a new bug in Mobile Legends. This is called unlimited likes bug. So, guys let’s see how to fo this.

Note: You need a smurf account to take unlimited like in your main account. Or you can tell your friends to do this in your profile :p

How To Get Unlimited Like In Mobile Legends:

Step-1: Login your second or smurf account. Then visit your main accounts profile.

Step-2: Now you need to click on the Like Button and then on the Recent Visitor. You need to do this very fast otherwise, it will not work. If you don’t understand then follow the below picture.


Do this as much as you can. So, you will get unlimited likes on your profile and also it will increase your charisma.

For Better Understand Watch The Following Video Hope you enjoy my tutorial. If you Like my tutorial please subscribe my channel to get more interesting videos.

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