Guinevere Legend Skin Script No Password

Are looking for Guinevere Legend Skin Script? Then you came into the right place. In this post I will share Guinevere Legend Skin Script with Guinevere Backup File. And also you can learn how to use Script in Mobile Legends from the detalied tutorial below. Guinevere Legend Skin Script
Psion of Tomorrow is the brand new Legend skin for Guinevere. This is one of the best skins in Mobile Legends till now. Guinevere got this new skin with the Legend tag and Guinevere is now member of the Legend skin squad.

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Before Guinevere we got Legend skin for Gord, Alucard, Gusion, Lesley, Miya, Vale and Saber. And now we got another new Legend skin. Psion of Tomorrow skin is really amazing in all the sections including design, colour, skill effects, sound effects, voice, etc.

Guys Guinevere Legend skin is a limited-time slin. So, if you want to obtain the skin then make sure to join the Psionic Oracle event. This event is currently live in Mobile Legends. Join the event to get this awesome looking skin of Guinevere. But if you want to get the skin for free then this article will help you.

Just download Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow skin script from the link below, then install the skin skin and enjoy. I hope you will like the skin very much and if you are a Guinevere main, then this is the best skin for you.

How To Use Script in Mobile Legends

  1. At first Download Script from the link below.
  2. Extract the Script using Zarchiver.
  3. Copy or Move extracted files to Android/data/
  4. Then Zarchiver may ask you whether to Replace or Rename. Select Replace all like the picture below. ↓↓
    Replace All
  5. Then open Mobile Legends and select Guinevere default Ms. Violet to get the Psion of Tomorrow Legend Skin.

Download Guinevere Legend Skin Script

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That’s all guys. Thanks for visiting. If you have any problem using my scripts or downloading from my link just comment below. I will try my best to help you.

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