Estes Blacklist Skin and Upcoming Skins in Mobile Legends April 2022

There are many upcoming skins in Mobile Legends. Some of the skins will be released in the next month April 2022. And some of them will release later in this year.

Estes Blacklist Skin

Estes Blacklist Skin
Estes Blacklist Skin Survey

Estes Blacklist International Skin is one of the most wanted skin in Mobile Legends right now. Moonton recently released a survey of Estes Blacklist Skin. I don’t know if this skin will released, but we can keep faith. The release of this skin is depending on the survey. If most of the players like the Estes Blacklist Skin Survey, then this skin will release soon. So, for now we can just wait for the survey result.

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More upcoming skins in Mobile Legends are:

  1. Floryn new Skin Survey. Floryn New Skin Mobile Legends
  2. Brody April 2022 Collector Skin. Brody Collector Skin
  3. Jawhead New Skin Survey. Jawhead New Skin 2022
  4. Aamon New Elite Skin. Aamon New Elite Skin
  5. Masha S23 Skin. Masha S23 Skin MLBB

All these skins are upcoming in Mobile Legends.

Brody Collector – Ore Chemist is the Collector Skin of April, 2022. It will release through the Grand Collection Event in Mobile Legends. Masha S23 Skin will release at the end of the Season 23. Players who ranked Master and above will get the Masha skin for free.

And other skins: Jawhead, Estes and Floryn release is depending on the survey.

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