Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan Biography 2023

Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan is a Bangladeshi Islamic speaker and well known person in the social media. He is famous for his lectures on Qiyamah and the Day of Judgement. He is popular mainly for his outspoken manner and speaking on contemporary issues.

Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan Biography, Abu Toha Adnan

His full name is Md. Afsanul Adnan but he is popular by the name Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan. Though his home district is Rajshahi but he grew up in Rangpur.

Name:Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan (Md. Afsanul Adnan)
Height:5 feet 4 inches
Born In:Rajshahi
Grew Up in:Rangpur
Spouse:1. Habina Noor
2. Sabikun Nahar Sara
Education:Honours, Masters
Father:Md. Rafiqul Islam
Mother:Ajefa Begum

Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan Bio, Age, Height, Hometown

Abu Toha Adnan was a general student and he was a good player in cricket. Cricket was his favourite sport and he used to be a popular cricketer among the people of his hometown. But after completing his school life he felt love and attraction for Islam and then he started to take knowledge about Islam and started his journey to become a Islamic Scholar and Islamic Speaker.

He also take part in the Islamic TV show Alokito Geani. In 2018 he become the champion in Alokito Geani. Then he gone viral on the social media for his different style of lectures on various topics of Islam. He became a well known person on the social media such as, Facebook, YouTube, overnight.

Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan is 32 years old as of 2022. He is 5 feet 4 inches tall. He has two wives and two children, a daughter and a son. His first wife name is Habiba Noor and she lives in Rangpur. Abu Toha’s second wife name is Sabikun Nahar Sara. She lives in Dhaka and studies in a Woman Madrasa.

Abu Toha Adnan’s hometown in Rajshahi but he grew up in Rangpur. After his father Md. Rafiqul Islam’s death Abu Toha and his family moved to the Rangpur and he started to study there. He completed his graduation from Rangpur.

Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan Education Life

Abu Toha Adnan attended school in the Rangpur Lawrence School and College. After graduating from the school he admitted in Rangpur Carmichael College.

From the Carmichael College Abu Toha Adnan completed his Honours Masters on Philosophy. He fell in love with Islam from the time he studied philosophy. Then  his inclination towards Islam increased day by day.

Then he got admitted in the Al Jamea As-Salafia Madrasha. Then he started to study on Islam and started his research on various topics of Islam. Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan also established a school. The school name is Projonmo (প্রজন্ম). 

Abu Toha Adnan Work Life

Abu Toha Adnan is a popular Islamic Speaker, Lecturer and an Islamic Scholar in Bangladesh. He give speech in Mahfil and read khutba in the Jummah Salat in various Mosques. Also he is a teacher in Projonmo School. Projonmo School was established by himself.

Abu Taw Haa Muhammad Adnan Lecture and Style

His lectures are not the same as other Islamic Scholar give in the traditional Mahfils in Bangladesh. His lecture’s style is different. He likes to make analytical discussions about Qiyaamat, present plight of Muslims, future condition of the world, third world war etc. Another difference is he does not tune while doing waj.

Abu Taw Haa Muhammad Adnan Social Profiles

There is a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Page by his name. But we are not sure if these accounts are official. You can check his YouTube Channel and Facebook Page from the following links.

Some Questions and Answers About Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan

  • Abu Taw Ha Adnan Height?
  • Ans: he is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
  • Abu Toha Adnan Age?
  • Ans: Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan is 32 years old as of 2022.
  • Abu Toha Adnan Hometown?
  • Ans: His hometown is Rajshahi but he grew up in Rangpur.
  • Abu Toha Muhammad Adnan Wife?
  • Ans: He has 2 wives. Habiba Noor and Sabikun Nahar Sara.
  • Abu Tawha Adnan Father and Mother?
  • Ans: His father name is Md. Rafiqul Islam and mother name is Ajefa Begum. After his father’s death he and his family moved to Rangpur.
  • Abu Toha Muhammad Anan Education?
  • Ans: He completed his Honours Masters on Philosophy.

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