How To Remove Skin Script Without Clearing Data in Mobile Legends

How to remove skin script without clear data in mobile legends
Hey guys what’s going on? hope you are well. Welcome to my new post. Guys todays post is very important for the players who like to use skin scripts in Mobile Legends. Yes, skin scripts are useful to us because we can play any skin without buying it. Many players who can not buy skins using diamonds they use skin scripts. I personally also use skin scripts for my favorite hero skins which I can not obtain due to high price and limited time event. Guys I know you also use skins script like me.
But it is hard to remove a skin script from Mobile Legends. Many of you maybe trying to remove it by clearing data of MLBB. I know it is very painful to download the data files again and it also consumes a lot of internet data. So, guys that’s why I make this easy tutorial to remove skin scripts without clearing data or without deleting data of Mobile Legends. Guys watch the following video to learn how to remove skin scripts in Mobile Legends without clearing data.

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