How To Screen Record With Internal Audio in Android

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how to screen record gameplay with internal sound in android

Nowadays Android doesn’t allow us to screen record with internal sound. This is a big problem for those who want to work with Gameplay video or who want to operate a Gaming YouTube Channel. Internal sound recording in Android has been terminated by Google for some copyright issues. That is the reason we can’t internal sound records in Android. As a result, we can no longer record internal sound on Android. So, today I will teach you How To Record Gameplay Video With Internal Sound in Android.
I will show you three methods to record internal sound in Android, two methods of them will work in all Android mobile and one method is only for Samsung Mobiles.

Method 1.

mobizen earphone

To internal sound record with this method, you will need to buy an Earphone. This is called Mobizen Earphones. This is the world’s first voice and internal sound recording earphones with microphone and volume control for Android phones and tablets.
You can buy this earphone from Amazon. I have attached the Amazon link of this Earphone below. By using the Mobizen earphone you can screen record your gameplay with internal sound and at a time you can use it as usual. You can buy the Earphone from the following link.

  • Mobizen Earphone (Amazon)
  • Method 2.

    mobizen for samsung

    This method is only for Samsung Phone users. Mobizen has made a screen recorder just for Samsung Mobiles, which allows you to screen record with internal Sound. You can download it from the Play Store.

  • Mobizen For Samsung (Play Store)
  • Method 3.

    This method will work on all mobiles and those who are unable to buy an earphone from Amazon can use this method and it does not cost money. So, I think everyone can use this method. I also use this method for internal sound recording in my Android Mobile.
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    For this method, we will need an earphone that has a play/pause button.

    Click on the button of the earphone with something like the picture below, you will be able to buy clips like this at the mechanic shop. The button should always be pressed. Then connect the earphone with your phone.

    Then screenrecord your gameplay, the internal sound will be recorded automatically and at a time you will able to use the earphone as usual.

    Hope you understand. If you have any issue please comment below. And please share the post.

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