5 Best Tips For Solo Rank Push Faster in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hey guys, how are you all..? Hope you are well. Today, I will give you 5 best tips to push Rank as a Solo player in Mobile Legends. If you follow my tips you can push Rank easily from any rank to Mythic.
I know it is very hard to push rank as a solo player. Because, I’m also a solo player. As a solo player I’ve done a lot of struggle to push my rank. So Today I will share my opinion with you guys to push rank. Let’s Start.

5 Best Tips To Push Rank As A Solo Player in Mobile Legends

1. Skip Chatting:
My First tips is to skip chatting when you playing rank match. It takes time when you type a message, at this time enemies can harm “Turrets” and to your “Teammates” also. So, skip chatting and focus on the game.

2. Don’t Play Again After Loosing Two Games Continuously:
Don’t play again after loosing two games continuously. Because there is a huge chance of loosing again. Just exit the game and go get some drinks to refresh your mind and body.

3. Don’t Kill Just Push:
Most of the players today are purely killers especially to the “Assassins”, I know it is your role. But most important is the objectives. You win the game when you break all the enemy “Turrets”. So, all you need to do to just push “Turrets”.

4. Don’t Use Low Win Rate Heroes in Rank Match:
When you use a hero with high win rate it increases your winning chance by 15%. So, I recommend to playing classic matches to increase hero win rate.

5. Skip The Trash Talkers:
There is always some players who just trash talks in-game. Even in “Mythic” Tier. I don’t know why do they do it. All you need to do is Just ignore them and pay attention to the game.

For Better Understanding You Can Watch The Following Video.

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