2 New Redeem Code Permanent Skin September 2021

Today I got new Redeem Codes with guaranteed a random Permanent Skin. Using the Redeem Code you will get a Level 3 Tournament Chest, Magic Dust and Fragments. And you will get a random skin by opening the Tournament Chest. A skin is 100% guaranteed in the chest. So, hurry up and Redeem below codes before they reach limit.

Permanent Skin Redeem Code ML 2021:

Obtained Yi Sun-Shin's Major General Skin
Skin Obtained By Redeeming Code

I got Yi Sun-Shin’s Normal skin Permanent by redeeming  the below code.

How To Redeem Below Codes:

Step1. Download a VPN which has Usa Server. I recommend Power VPN.

Step2. Open the VPN and connect to USA Server then open the Official Redeem Site Link.

Step3. Now enter your Game id and send verification code. Open MLBB and to get the verification code, then enter the verification code in the redeem site.

Step4. Now enter below redeem codes one by one and click Redeem.

  • hdq5cc9cb69322c7t
  • qzs57twba5bn22c7s

Note: Keep pressing the Redeem button until you see the Success prompt. Because many peoples are also trying to redeem the codes, that’s why sometimes the redeem site show some error messages, etc.

You can take a look on the post below for detailed information with picture, to know how to redeem codes in Mobile Legends.

How To Redeem Codes In Mobile Legends

That’s all guys. Hope you get good rewards by redeeming the codes. If you want more redeem code then visit the following link.

New Redeem Codes Mobile Legends

For more information and live proof of obtaining skin watch the below video.

Video Link:- https://youtu.be/E2uu6NT2Of8

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