2 Best Website For Copyright Free Videos

You want to make good videos for your YouTube channel but can’t find Copyright Free Videos? Don’t worry, after reading this post, you will have no problem getting Copyright Free Videos.
Today, I will let you know about the best 2 websites for getting Copyright Free Videos. You can download any video from there for free and can use them in your YouTube videos, personal projects, presentations, etc. These two websites are best for Royalty-free videos. Without further delay let’s get into the main topic.

2 Best Website For Downloading Copyright Free Videos:

1. Pexels:


The name of the site that I will say for copyright free video is Pexels. I personally like this site a lot, one of the reasons is their transparency.
A common problem with almost all of us involved in online revenue is that we never read the policies of any platform we work on. However, this does not mean that we do not know the policies.
For example, if I ask did you read my website’s Privacy Policy? most of the visitors will say they didn’t.
However, Pexels is a platform where you can easily find out about their policies. The entire site policy is presented in a very fluent language in just a few sentences.

Now you may ask, why to take so many policies if I take videos and music from copyright free sites?

I am saying this because even if you take content from a copyright-free site, not all types of content are copyright free. Just as you can be in such danger on the Videvo if their video content is copyright free then the music is not copyright free.

Features of Pexels:

  • Here you will find lots of videos and pictures that are completely copyright free.
  • Here you will find numerous vertical videos that you can use on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • You can also use the Pexels site on your mobile through the Pexels Mobile App.
  • Pexels also has a browser and WordPress Plugin feature.
  • All images and videos of Pexels can be used for commercial or monetized and non-commercial or editorial purposes.
    There is no need to give any kind of credit to the owner of the picture or video. In other words, there is no problem with credit here, but it is better to give credit. Pexels will never force you on this.
    You can modify or edit all Pexels images or videos as you wish.

    Things you can’t do in Pexels:

  • You must edit Pexels’ videos or pictures to be used for any type of poster or print.
  • Do not use the people in Pexels’ pictures or videos as promoters of your product. For example, a person who downloads a picture of a person from Pexels cannot be used as an advertising actor or actress for any of his products.
  • 2. Pixabay:


    Pixabay is a very popular and well known site for those who download free pictures from online. In a word, this site is at the top for downloading copyright free pictures.

    Features of Pixabay:

  • Here you will find photos, illustrations, vectors, copyright-free videos, and copyright-free music.
  • You can download copyright-free videos in all formats from 360 pixels to 4k resolution.
  • While Pixabay is primarily popular for downloading images, there are plenty of copyright-free videos and copyright-free music. You don’t even have to log in to their site to download videos or music from here.
  • However, in case of downloading high-resolution pictures or videos, you have to log in to their site, that’s all. You can download copyright-free videos and copyright free music for your YouTube channel or Facebook page without any money.
  • Pixabay is a site where they do not have to pay any kind of Author Credit for downloading pictures, videos, or music.
  • Pixabay license is free for commercial use No attribution required.
  • Next to each video you will see a message like Free for commercial use and No attribution required as above. This means that the video is copyright free and can be used in any commercial and non-commercial or editorial case, for which you do not have to pay any credit.

    If you want to use their apps then download them from Google Play Store or App Store. Both of the sites have Mobile App and both of them are super easy to use.

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