17 New Upcoming Skins In Mobile Legends

Upcoming Skins in Mobile Legends

Hey guys, What’s going on? hope all of you are well. Today, I will show you 17 new upcoming skins in Mobile Legends. All these skins are Upcoming in original server soon. Some of the skins are complete and some of the are just finished art.
Valir DemonLord (Epic)
Layla New Epic Skin
Leomord Halloween Skin 2020
Lylia Halloween Skin
Cecilion and Carmila 3 New Skins Survey
Pharsa 2 New Skins Survey (Epic)
WanWan Epic Skin
Salena New Skin
Zilong Loyal Spear (Elite)
Yu Zhong Biohazard (Elite)
Harith Fashion Expart (Star)
Hanzo Epic Skin
Benedetta New Skin (Elite)
Lapu-Lapu New Skin (Star/Special)
X.borg Epic Skin

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